Bunny divides the radish

Bunny divides the radish

The radishes grown by the little rabbit are mature. The white rabbit, the little grey rabbit and the little black rabbit go to pull the radishes together. These radishes are big and round. The little rabbits are very happy. They plucked a basket full of radishes and are exhausted. Head sweating profusely. The little gray rabbit said: “Let’s divide the radish we picked.”

The little black rabbit counted and said, “There are 18 carrots in total, how do you divide it?”

The little gray rabbit said: “I am the brother, of course I have to divide a little bit more.”

The little black rabbit said: “I am a younger sister, you should let me, I have to divide more.”

As they were talking, the two of them quarreled. The little white rabbit saw them and quickly persuaded them to dismiss them, saying, “Don’t quarrel, of course you must be fair.”

The little black rabbit said: “How is the division to be fair?”

“Each portion gets the same amount as the average score. The 18 radishes are divided into 3 portions, and it is calculated by division. It can be listed as 18÷3=6 (pieces), which means that 6 pieces are the fairest for each person.” Little White Rabbit Reply.

The little black rabbit and the little gray rabbit said: “We have to learn from the little white rabbit. Only by learning math well can we easily solve the problems in life.”

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