Red “petals”

Poinsettia buds (bāo) Xiaolu emerged from the branches. Xiaolu was so small, and she wore a pale green coat, which made it almost impossible to notice her arrival.

Xiaolu looked around curiously and found herself surrounded by a layer of red, large, oval (tuǒ) round “petals (bàn)” clusters (cù). But these “petals” look strange: they are red in color, but they are shaped like leaves.

“Hey, are you petals or leaves?” Xiaolu looked at the green leaves below the “petals”, curious about the layer of “petals” around them that looked like leaves.

Before the “petals” had time to answer Xiao Lu’s question, suddenly, a gust of wind (xí) blew impartially on Xiao Lu’s face.

“Don’t be afraid, we protect you!”

The “petals” hurriedly opened their arms and formed a shelter (ɡǎnɡ wān) to block the strong wind for Xiaolu.

“Are you petals or leaves?” Xiaolu asked, hiding in the shelter.

The “petals” were about to answer Xiao Lv’s question, when suddenly, a torrential rain (qīnɡ xiè) poured down and hit Xiao Lv’s body.

“Don’t be afraid, we protect you!”

The “petals” hurriedly opened their arms, forming a shelter from the rain, blocking the rainstorm for the little green.

“Are you petals or leaves?” Xiaolu asked, hiding in the rainy harbor.

The wind blew and heavier, the rain fell and heavier, the “petals” couldn’t bother answering Xiaolu’s question.

As night fell, the wind stopped, so did the rain, and Xiaolu fell asleep in a groggy way. She dreamed of blooming (zhàn) big petals, attracting many bees to dance around her…

Its daybreak. Little green stretched and bloomed into beautiful little flowers.

“Buzzing…” At this moment, a swarm of bees flew from a distance. The bees gather nectar on Little Green’s body and dance cheerfully. Ah, the scene before me is exactly the same as in my dream! However, Xiaolu clearly saw that the flowers that she bloomed were very small, and there was no big petals in her dreams at all.

“You are the one who attracted the bees! So, are you petals or leaves?” Xiaolu carefully looked at the red, large, oval “petals” around him. But this time, she didn’t ask aloud. Because, in her heart, no matter what the other party is, she can’t change her deep respect for the other party.

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