Dad i love you

The summer night came quietly, and the little pigs Robbie, Robin, Rock, and Rollo were sitting in the yard waiting for his father to come home.

Robbie sighed and said, “Oh, why doesn’t mom take us to grandma’s house? I don’t like staying with my dad. He is always busy and doesn’t play with us or talk to us.” Robin also He sighed and said, “Oh, I can’t eat my mother’s fruit pie tonight, and it’s boring to have dinner with my father.”

The four little pigs sat sad and waited. At this moment, the third oldest Rock suddenly jumped up and said: “Let’s all hide!”

Therefore, when Daddy Pig came home with a large basket of vegetables and fruits, he didn’t even see the shadow of a baby pig. “Hey, where are the little guys?” Daddy Pig took a closer look-hey, a small tail appeared under the washbasin, a small ear was tucked in the big box, and a small flower appeared in a crack in the closet door. The shirt… every piglet is not hidden.

Daddy Pig pretended not to see him, and said loudly: “My darlings must be out to play, then I will make dinner first-let’s make fruit pie.” Daddy Pig got busy in the kitchen, and the sweet fruit aroma floated. Ah piao, it floated to the noses of the four little pigs, and the little pigs drooled greedily.

The sweet fruit pie is ready, and Daddy Pig puts them on the table and pretends to be sad and said: “Oh! The children are not coming back. I am always busy at work and forget to care about my darlings. Now they are unwilling Have dinner with me.”

The four little pigs had sore noses when they heard what their father said. Robbie rushed out first, pounced on him, and said loudly, “Dad, I love you!”

The other little pigs also ran out, hugging Daddy Pig and saying loudly, “Dad, I love you!”

Look! How happy Daddy Pig’s family is!

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