Two little pigs buy watermelon

The two little pigs heard people say that the watermelon was delicious, and the sweetness really quenched their thirst. The two of them started saving money and planned to buy some watermelons at the market.

One day, they came to the market, bought two large watermelons, put them in a big pocket, and walked home with their backs on their backs. The road is really far away, and the sun is really hot. Although Brother Pig carries it for a while, Brother Pig carries it for a while, but one by one is still hot and sweaty. Walking, walking, Brother Pig accidentally fell into a big somersault, bang!

One watermelon became seven or eight yuan, and the other was okay, not broken. Now it’s hard to break the two little pigs. Put the broken watermelon in your pocket. It must be squeezed with water. Hold it with your hands. One person can’t hold it with two hands. They sat down on the side of the road, crying with sorrow.

At this time, Uncle Niu walked by and said to the pig: “This matter is not easy to handle, you go buy a bamboo basket, put the broken watermelon in the bamboo basket, you can’t do it.” Uncle Niu finished talking and left. .

The two little pigs laughed happily after hearing Uncle Niu’s words. After being ridiculous for a while, Brother Pig said, “Put the watermelon in the bamboo basket, but how can the bamboo basket be held? The pig said, “Oh, this is easy to handle. Go to the market and buy a pole to carry a bamboo basket. It’s not enough.” After Uncle Yang left, the two little pigs laughed happily again. After being ridiculous for a while, Brother Pig remembered something again and said, “How do you carry the pole and the bamboo basket? You have to buy another rope.” When Brother Pig heard it, he praised his younger brother and said, “Oh! You are so smart.” , Thanks to your thoughtfulness, or else, I have to run errands again.”

Brother Pig asked his younger brother to be optimistic about the watermelon, so he hurried to the market. Due to running too fast, he accidentally ran into a little monkey on the road. The little monkey grabbed Brother Pig and asked, “Hey! Little Pig, what are you running in a panic?”

Brother Pig said: “Oh! We bought two big watermelons and wanted to carry them home to eat. One watermelon accidentally fell to seven or eight yuan. No way, Uncle Niu said to buy a bamboo basket, Uncle Yang said to buy it. For a pole, my brother said that we need to buy another rope. We will tie the bamboo basket with a rope, wrap the rope with a pole, and carry the broken watermelon home to eat.”

The little monkey listened, “hahahaha”, he burst into tears with a smile, and said, “Don’t buy these things. There is a best thing to hold watermelon, and it doesn’t cost a penny.”

“What? What? Say it!” Brother Pig asked anxiously.

The little monkey pointed to his belly and said, “That’s it. Just eat the broken watermelon, isn’t it all right?”

“Ah!” Brother Pig patted his head and said, “It’s wonderful, wonderful, I never thought of this idea. Go, little monkey, please eat watermelon!”

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