Big cat mummy

From the fields to the distance. There is a must-go road, next to the road is the big cat’s hut.

One morning, the big cat received a mysterious letter: “Who is the most energetic animal? What could be cooler than playing a mummy? Please note that today there will be a mummy contest on the side of the road, and the winner will get a delicious one. Mouse!”

Big cat was very excited after reading. He always thought he was extremely smart: “As long as there is a match, I will never give up. I will definitely take the first place in playing a mummy! Mummies, mummies, pharaoh corpses preserved in the Egyptian pyramids. Imitating this horror and exciting , This game is very creative!”

The big cat found a snow-white bandage, wrapped himself in layers, his tail, body, and head…Oh, he almost wrapped his nose and fell to the ground with suffocation.

This method is really wonderful, the big cat is like a pharaoh now.

The big cat moves lightly, this look is absolutely cool. Of course, hehe, it was a bit scary at first glance.

Why is it a bit cold on the road? Big cat can’t see other contestants, nor can he see the main party.

“Gulugulu”, a little squirrel dragging a suitcase came from a distance. He walked around, passing by the big cat calmly.

The big cat yelled: “Stop!” It sounded like “Woohoo!” The big cat wanted to catch the little squirrel. He wanted to stretch out his paws, arched his body, wanted to blow his beard, and wanted to… but he couldn’t do anything. , Like a pharaoh who became a mummy.

Hi, big cat! I’m going to pass through your cabin when I travel. I heard that you often drive the passing animals to race, and you eat the losers. Of course I can run faster than you, but I have to make sure that the suitcase my mother gave me is not ringed. So I wrote you a letter, inviting you to participate in the mummy contest! ”

The little squirrel said with a smile, “Gu Lu Gu Lu” dragged his suitcase and walked away.

It turned out that it was the little squirrel who wrote the letter, and the big cat regretted that he was too confused. He tore off all the bandages and hid in the hut in shame.

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