Blue Fox | A long and long phone

Blue Fox’s father is the general manager of the Forest Express Company, and he is too busy to get home all day.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and the blue fox hopes to go home and spend time with him.

Now, my mother makes delicious apple pie in the kitchen. The blue fox looked out the window and missed his father again, so he dialed his father’s phone.

“Dad, tomorrow is Christmas, can you go home and spend time with your mother and me?” the blue fox asked quietly.

“No way! Child. Dad is too busy! Now the Christmas presents that the company wants to send are all piled up.” Dad also whispered on the phone.

“But, Dad, I miss you very much.” The blue fox said loudly, holding the microphone tightly.

“Baby, forgive Dad. Dad is really busy!” Dad said kindly on the phone.

The sensible blue fox knows that if father is on holiday, no one will give Christmas gifts. How disappointing it is to have Christmas without gifts!

Mom has made the apple pie, and the whole room is delicious.

“Come and see, dad, mom has already made apple pie.” The blue fox held the microphone and followed his mom.

“Really? That must be very fragrant! I really want to have a bite now.” Dad said on the other side of the phone, tapping his lips.

“Dad, do you know? Mom will make meatloaf and egg rolls tonight!” The blue fox stared at the busy figure of his mother while reporting to his father.

Dad listened quietly on the phone, and the blue fox said, he said, “It smells good! I seem to have smelled it.”

“If Dad can come back tomorrow, I will ask Mom to do more and keep it for you…” The blue fox said more and more vigorously.

It’s getting dark, mother has put all the delicious food on the table, and the blue fox hasn’t hung up the phone yet.

Mother looked at the blue fox holding the phone, shook her head, and said with a smile: “Stop making trouble, blue fox, father is very busy.”

“But, Mom, I still have a lot to say to Dad!” The blue fox raised his head and looked at his mother.

“Okay. Mom knows. Say goodbye to Dad!” Mom said, touching the blue fox’s head.

“Well then. Dad, I must say goodbye to you! But, I don’t want to hang up so early.” Blue Fox said sadly.

“Ding Dong…” Someone was ringing the doorbell.

Mom went to open the door, and outside the door stood the postman Pony of Forest Express. He is here to give the blue fox a Christmas present.

“Come here, your father sent it.” After receiving the gift, Mom waved to the blue fox.

“Dad, we received your gift.” The blue fox yelled in surprise on the phone.

“I hope you like it.” Dad said with a happily smile, “Baby! This is a long and long call I’ve never answered before!”

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