Edible palace

The owner of the food store Pitt looked sadly at his goods: candies, biscuits, cakes…These things can’t be sold, they are piled up in the warehouse like a mountain. Suddenly, his knotted brows stretched out-he came up with a clever plan.

Boss Pitt went to see the princess and said to her: “Your Majesty, do what I do. In a few years, you are guaranteed to become very beautiful!” He leaned to the princess’s ear and said so and so. Fan words.

After listening to boss Pitt, the princess went to the king and said, “You are going to build me an edible palace.”

The king loved the princess very much, and he really built her a very peculiar palace: the floor was covered with chocolate candies, the walls were built with butterscotch, the tiles were biscuits, the beams were lollipops, and the pillars were big popsicles. The window glass is a big rock candy, the bed is mung bean cake, the sofa is cake…

The princess lives in this palace alone. The maid gave her food, and she only took a few bites and stopped eating. She said: “I don’t need to eat here. I can eat new things at any time.” When she is hungry, she eats the sofa and tiles; when she is thirsty, she licks the pillars; when she is greedy, she is on the bed, on the wall or on the floor. Take a bite from the window.

A dentist walked by the gate of the palace and said to the princess: “You eat sweets all day long. Beware of the decay of your teeth!” The princess rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t worry! I live here, and my teeth will become like pearls. So white.” The dentist shook his head and left.

A white-bearded doctor walked by the door and said to the princess: “You eat so many snacks, it will affect digestion. After a long time, you will not be able to eat.” The princess nostril “hum” and said: “I No need to eat, there is so much to eat here!” Doctor White Beard sighed and walked over.

A young doctor walked by the door and said to the princess: “You need a lot of nutrition for growth and development, but your snacks are not full of nutrition. If you continue to do this, you will get sick.”

The princess twisted her body and said: “Look at your doctor, you will scare people, I don’t believe it! Don’t you dare to talk nonsense, I will let the father kill you!” The young doctor turned his face pale and ran away.

From then on, all the doctors dared not say anything to the princess.

Some time later. One day, the princess went to look in the mirror and was shocked when she saw it: “Why is there an ugly monster in the mirror! I saw a few sparse yellow hairs in her hair, and only three or four black ones in her mouth. She had broken teeth, her face was yellow, and her skin was as rough as a toad… Seeing what she looked like, the princess passed out of sadness.

The king invited the most famous doctor in the country. The doctor said: “The princess ate too many snacks and too few other foods, so she suffered from malnutrition anemia, stomach problems and various other problems.”

The princess was cured, and the peculiar palace was torn down, because the princess never wanted to live there anymore.

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