Little stupid

No one wants to be with “stupid”, fools, fools, fools, fools, fools, fools, fools, bears, fools… Whoever is with it will be assimilated and become very Stupid. “Stupid” is so wronged, “Stupid” decided to escape from the kingdom of dictionary. Where can I escape? Who would like it?
“Stupid” walked down the road unhappily wearing a big hat, accidentally fell down, “Stupid” got up and said, “Ah, it’s no wonder that people always say stupid, I’m really stupid, what? I can’t do it well either.” “Stupid” was unhappy, and dragged the hat down hard, for fear that others would find that he was “stupid.” If someone finds out, that would be bad. Everyone hates themselves. If the world were not stupid, how beautiful it would be; if all the things described as “stupid” in the world were replaced with “smart” and “smart”, what a delightful thing!
“It seems that I am really superfluous!” “Stupid” hid in the corner, really dare not make an appearance openly, lest he encounter the ending like a mouse crossing the street.
It’s been a day and night since I escaped from the dictionary kingdom. “Stupid” found out that he was not welcome wherever he went. In school, there would always be one or two students who were reprimanded by the teacher: “Stupid like an elm bump.” There will always be one or two employees in the workplace being reprimanded by the leader: “As stupid as a wooden peg!”
“Stupid” thought cautiously: “If I had never existed, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad situation.” It was getting dark, “Stupid” looked listless, and some words in the dictionary that looked similar to it were given beautiful meanings, but I was so unlucky, “Ah -” “Stupid” sighed for a long time.
The sun slanted to the west, and before he knew it, he came to the forest. A big tree said to a small tree: “I like you, my little dumb.”
What? “Stupid” did not believe his ears. Then, he continued walking, and heard a big bug saying to the little bug: “I like you, my little stupid.” Suddenly, a warm current gushed from the bottom of “stupid” heart. At this time, he saw a big bear put honey in a little bear’s mouth and said, “Eat more, my cute little
dumb .” Tears filled the eyes of “dumb”. It was completely dark, “Stupid” remembered that when he was a child, his mother “Bob” hugged it, and always said: “Grow up soon, my little stupid.”
Yes, in addition to being stupid and dull, being dumb also means cute! Especially when you are called “little dumb dumb”, it is a hint of love.

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