Mole loves to burrow

Mole started to punch holes again. He just liked to punch holes. He hit 1022 wherever he went, and he kept beating. A group of critters who like to sleep in are very angry with him. The fox doesn’t like him. The sound of his burrowing often disturbs the fox’s dreams. The hedgehog didn’t like him. He hit the door of the hedgehog’s house after hitting his … Continue reading

Brave squirrel

In a dense forest, there are many cute little animals: rabbits, squirrels, elephants, big bad wolf… One day, the forest is very lively, what are they doing? Oh, it turned out to be selling lottery tickets! Uncle Elephant picked up the microphone and said in a loud voice: “Come, come, come…Let’s take a look. The original lottery ticket with 20 forest coins now … Continue reading

Little Pig and Ke and Snow Doll

In the forest, there lives a cute little pig whose name is Heke. His father died when Heke was very young, and he has been living with his mother and several older sisters. Later, the sisters were married and had their own homes. Now, my mother is old and lives in my sister’s house. She is so lonely with Ke. Heke has grown up, and he should have his own home. He also want… Continue reading

Star Kindergarten

Every evening, the little stars begin to come to the kindergarten. The Xingxing Kindergarten is so big that you can’t see the edge at all. In such a big kindergarten, only Aunt Moon looks after the little stars. In order to take good care of these little guys, Aunt Moon has to walk from the east to the west of the kindergarten every night. After this trip, the sky should … Continue reading

Little frog adventure in the air

There is a brave and happy little frog, he wants to go out for adventure. The little frog made a small basket out of green grass. He tied four big balloons around the basket, their colors were red, white, yellow, and green. When the wind blew, the balloon flew into the sky with a small basket. A little bird flew up and saw the red balloon. She said, “Why did the sun fall?… Continue reading

The red balloon is gone

Abu has a red balloon, round and soft. Wherever he goes , he carries this cute toy. -One night, the red balloon flew away, in the night in the paint. Only Abu is left alone. Abu felt that he became smaller and smaller. Suddenly… from behind him… there was a sound! It turned out to be an old owl that has been waiting for its prey. The old owl comforted Abu: “Li… Continue reading

The cowpea of ​​the little hedgehog

The little hedgehog is very hardworking and capable. The little hedgehog planted several cowpea [jiāng] bean sprouts in the yard, and the cowpea sprouts grew up day by day. On the fence wall of the little hedgehog’s yard, long green cowpeas are hung. Throughout the summer, the little hedgehog had endless cowpeas. He not only ate them by himself, but also picked many to gi… Continue reading

Piggy on a chubby picnic

The weather is really warm, and the piggy is chubby and happily going on a picnic. Chatting, the bird smelled the scent and flew up. The piggy throws a big loaf of bread to the little bird. thump! thump! The squirrel smelled the scent and jumped up. Piggy throws a big apple to the little squirrel. Huh! Huh! The little monkey rushed to smell the fragrance. Piggy Chubby handed th… Continue reading

Rabbit Po

In the evening, the lights came on in the big house. The animals saw people walking around in the house, heard the clinking noises from the kitchen, and smelled the smell of burning walnuts floating in the air… This long-silent big house finally came back to life NS. “This scene is really pleasing!” Father Rabbit said happily. “Don’t be too careles… Continue reading

Little ants build a new house

Hey, why are the little green lights wrapped around the little tree? The little fox kept his eyes open and finally saw what was going on. It turned out that it was an army of green ants marching around a tree pole. “One, two, three, four, five, six.” Duoduo mistakenly thought that the green ants were walking on stilts, and after a closer look, they discovered that t… Continue reading

Five little pigs

Today is Mother Pig’s birthday. Red Piggy, Blue Piggy, Green Piggy, Yellow Piggy, and Purple Piggy are discussing to give mom a surprise. The red pig said: “Let’s make a cake for mom.” The other four little pigs immediately shouted: “Okay, okay! We make the best cakes in the world for our mother.” The best cake in the world is ready! The red pig ma… Continue reading

Tengu eats the moon

A round of crystal-clear moon hanging (xuán) in the sky is very cute. The moon sprinkled slowly on the ground, the ground was bright, and the shadows of the trees were mottled (bān bó). A group of friends such as Bunny, puppies, and goats play games on the clearing in the forest. Suddenly, someone yelled: “It’s a bad thing!” “What’s wrong?” X… Continue reading

Contagiously unhappy

Baba Xiong’s key (yào shi) is lost. He was very upset and walked towards the woods with a sad face. The pink rabbit saw it. “Baba Xiong, hello!” The pink rabbit greeted enthusiastically. “Pink rabbit, hello.” Baba Xiong lowered his head and replied. “Baba Xiong, what’s the matter with you? Why are you unhappy?” “Go go, I&#82… Continue reading

Not afraid, not afraid

Rumble-thunder! The mouse hurriedly got into the quilt and covered his ears with his hands. The mother said, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid! This is Father Lei telling everyone that it’s going to rain, and the little animals who haven’t gone home should go home soon.” The sun has set–it’s dark! The little rabbit is so scared. D… Continue reading

Brave little hedgehog

Among so many friends, the little monkey looks down on the little hedgehog. Look at how ugly he is: with big needles all over his body, his small, pointed head, always shrunk under his stomach, with a timid look. One day, the friends were playing hide-and-seek, and the little hedgehog wanted to participate. The little monkey was not happy: “Go go, what are you doing for f… Continue reading