Strange car

One day, the little mouse went out to play and found a big leather shoe on the grass. It thought: I will move my big leather shoes home as a cradle. So, it pushed the shoes hard, sweating profusely, panting, but still unable to push. So, the little mouse came up with a good way. He put wheels on the leather shoes, “didi”, and drove the leather shoe cart happily home… Continue reading

100 reasons not to go to kindergarten

Jingling bell, Jingling bell, piglet’s little alarm clock is calling again. Little Pig opened her eyes in a daze, thinking of going to kindergarten, Little Pig began to sigh: I don’t want to go to kindergarten, but what reason do I use to tell my mother? Piggy closed his eyes and thought hard. With that, I said I haven’t woken up yet and can’t get up. I&… Continue reading

Small hole in mulberry leaf

The silkworm baby and the little ant are good friends. On Little Ant’s birthday, the baby silkworm wants to give him a special gift, but what gift should I give him? The baby silkworm thought and thought. A green mulberry leaf fell gently from the tree and landed on the silkworm’s back. “Great, I’ll give the little ant a special leaf.” The baby silkworm … Continue reading

Fat belly

Little pig Luo Luo is really happy today, because today is his birthday. “Hey, there must be many delicious things waiting for me at home!” Luo Luo returned home, and as soon as he opened the door, his friends all came to him and said, “Rolo, happy birthday! Happy birthday!” At this time, Mom and Dad have put all the delicious things on the table, includ… Continue reading

Flower Fairy in the Castle

Once upon a time, a beautiful flower fairy lived in a beautiful castle, but her heart was very ugly. She often uses magic to make the flowers fall, the leaves fall, and even the innocent and cute children can’t find their way home. One day, Flower Fairy woke up to find a shepherd kid looking at her curiously. Flower Fairy asked: “Aren’t you afraid of me?&#8221… Continue reading

Bowl house

The four little mice went out to play and came to a place where birds and flowers fragrant. “It’s so scented!” The second mouse Wenwen smelled a scent. Is it a strong floral fragrance? It seems not. Is it an intoxicating pie? It doesn’t seem to be. What kind of scent is that? “Bowl! It’s a big bowl!” Rat boss Huihui pointed his eyes. Oh… Continue reading

Flower and Bird Nest

Harry is a white dog with black spots. It seems to like the dark spots on his body. But grandma didn’t know what pattern Harry liked. On Harry’s birthday, grandma gave him a sweater knitted with many rose patterns. But Harry didn’t like the rose pattern at all. It thinks it looks weird in this rose sweater. Sure enough, every time Harry wore this new sweater t… Continue reading

Alice in the Mirror 4: Brother Ding Dong and Brother Ding Dong

They stood under a tree and put one arm around each other’s necks. Alice knew who was who all at once. Because one of them has the word “brother” embroidered on the collar, and the word “brother” is embroidered on the collar of the other. “I think they must have the words “Ding Dong” embroidered on the back of their collars.&#8221… Continue reading

Not enough fingers

As soon as December entered, the little squirrel was very excited. “The new year is about to begin, and you can eat fresh food when you come back in spring.” Yes, he has been gnawing on the dried fruits for a long time, and he has long missed the green branches and leaves. “Huh, don’t be too happy, the new year is still early, and there is no news yet in… Continue reading

The Adventures of the Big Grey Stone

On the top of a high mountain, an ugly and hard big grey stone lives with a bunch of strangely shaped beautiful white. stones … Although the big grey stone is ugly, it is friendly and has made many good friends, such as Grandpa Dashu, Sister Xiaoniao, Granny Feng, Uncle Yu… They have been living a happy and peaceful life. Every day, the kindly grandfather Big Tree s… Continue reading

The secret of the gray rabbit winning

There are more than 500 rabbits living in the rabbit village. They make a living by growing carrots. This year is another bumper year. For this reason, the White Rabbit village chief, as in previous years, gathered all the rabbits and held a jubilant celebration meeting. At the end of the conference, they held a lottery as usual (ɡuàn lì): the prize is a carrot brought by each … Continue reading

Mole loves to burrow

Mole started to punch holes again. He just liked to punch holes. He hit 1022 wherever he went, and he kept beating. A group of critters who like to sleep in are very angry with him. The fox doesn’t like him. The sound of his burrowing often disturbs the fox’s dreams. The hedgehog didn’t like him, he hit the door of the hedgehog’s house after hitting his hole, which … Continue reading

Hippo’s big house

Mr. Hippo has a big and beautiful house, but why is he still unhappy? Hippo has a big and beautiful house. There are many tall trees and colorful flowers planted in the front of the house, and there is a big swimming pool behind the house. Hippos live in such a big house but are not happy. A group of birds flew up and said to the hippopotamus: “We want to make a nest in y… Continue reading

Date with autumn

Dating with autumn is finally coming to autumn, and I want to have a date with autumn. All kinds of fruits in the orchard are ripe! In the autumn orchard, there are red apples, golden oranges, and yellow pears. I can go picking fruits with my parents. I like to go to my grandpa’s orchard to help my grandpa pick oranges, and eat while picking them. The oranges are sweet, and my … Continue reading

Bunny divides the radish

The radishes grown by the little rabbit are mature. The white rabbit, the little grey rabbit and the little black rabbit go to pull the radishes together. These radishes are big and round. The little rabbits are very happy. They plucked a basket full of radishes and are exhausted. Head sweating profusely. The little gray rabbit said: “Let’s divide the radish we pick… Continue reading